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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SCULPTURE  PLACEMENT

​​​​​​​​​​​​This is a partial list of selected Museums and Private  Collections..

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden   Washington D.C.
Grounds for Sculpture Park   New Jersey      (1998-2015 )
The National Museum of Sport   Indiana
The Utsukushigahara Open Air Museum     Japan

The Royal Porcelain Museum   Denmark

The Boston Ballet   Massachusetts

The Stamford Center for the Performing Arts   Connecticut

Westchester Capital Corporation    New York

McDonald's Corporation   California

Pegasus Venture Capital Corporation    Connecticut

The Doral Corporation  New York

Georgetown University   Washington                                                               The Donald Trump Collection    Florida

The McGee Library   Washington D.C

C. O'neil  collection    California

The Choate Rosemary Hall School   Connecticut

The Garrison Forest School   Maryland

The Anne Norton Museum    Florida

The Silva Park Collection    Sweden

Montgomery Park and Pinetum   Connecticut                                                

The Helen Schaffer Collection   New York                                                    

Parsons and Whittemore International   New York                                              

The Landegger Collection    Connecticut                                                        

The Pepsi Cola Company   New York                                                             The Charles and Seryl Kushner Collection  New Jersey                                The Donald Trump Collection    Florida                                                                  Ray Krock Collection   California 


The Jesperson Collection   Massachusetts                                                

The Barbara & Lloyd Bankson Collection   Connecticut                                

The Wayne & Sharon Cohen Collection   New York                                       

The Alabama  River Pulp Company   Alabama                                                 

The Sam & Judy Haigh Collection    Connecticut                                            

The North Salem Library Collection     New York                                                 

The Peter Strong Collection   Connecticut                                                       

The Duncan/Ellison  Collection Mass                                                       

The C.W. Kelsey III Collection   Connecticut                                                   

The John Rote Collection   Connecticut                                                            

The Albert E. Betteridge Collection   Connecticut                                           The James Betteridge Collection Delaware
The Barbro Thelemarck Collection    Vermont                                                      The White House Collection     Washington D.C.                                         

The Fernando Fuenzalida Collection   Switzerland                                         

The William K. Prime Collection    Virginia                                                      

The Duncan/Silberberg Collection  California                                                

The U.S.S.  STERETT DDG 104                                                                   

     ( Arleigh-Burke-Class Destroyer   U.S. Navy )                                                     

The Robert Shuhy Collection    New York                                                           

The F. Bowie Duncan Collection     Colorado                                                 

The Eric Jacobsen Collection     New York                                                       

The Eileen Dolan Collection    New  York                                                           

The Elise K. Merrow Collection  Connecticut                                                      Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Friedman       Oregon                                                        

The Paul Newman Collection     Connecticut                                               

Solomon Selanikio      Florida                                                                              

Paedra Bramhall    Vermont                                                                          

B. K. Butler      Connecticut                                                                          

The Richard E. Deutsch Collection   Connecticut                                        

ASR Williamson   Connecticut                                                                          

The Ole Malmqvist Collection   Denmark                                                           

The North Salem Library Collection  New York                                                           

Greenwich Ballet Workshop  Connecticut                                                      The Ralph Roe Collection Connecticut

Christopher L. Knapp    Texas                                                                        

Jonathon M. Weld   Connecticut                                                        

Freedom Angel Foundation  Connecticut                                                 

Mr.  & Mrs. Hans Richter  New York

Philippe Girardeau Collection  France                                                       

Maj. Gen. Thetus Odem  Tennessee                                                              

Peter Paris   Connecticut                                                                               

Charles Foltz  Washington D.C.                                                                  

Warren B. Straus    New York                                                                        

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meeker  Connecticut    

The Lockerbey Library & Memorial Garden Scotland

The White House Collection  Washington D.C.                                                   George A. ( Frolic )  Weymouth  Collection    Pennsylvania

Mr. & Mrs. Gunnar Ericson   Sweden  

Mr. & Mrs. Richard McClurg     Connecticut

Barton L. Weller Collection   Connecticut

Petit Foundation     Connecticut                                                                           Robert Goergen Collection  Connecticut                                

James Darr   Connecticut  

The Bjorn Kjellstrom  Collection      New York                                               John van Houten Collection  Illinois

Richard Heyniger  Connecticut