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                 "​ WHAT  DEGAS  MIGHT  HAVE  DONE "    

by  Peter Hastings Falk,  is a comparative treatise on the Kelsey Sculptures, those of Edgar Degas and other Master Sculptors of Dance. This treatise is posted on this site: Scroll up to top of this   page to "The Falk Treatise"

    There are 300         sculptures in this collection, most of which             are all about         Dance. American Sculptor of Dance     Sterett-Gittings                 Kelsey, beautifully captures the complex

     Movements of          dance.  Moving through space, the        Kelsey Dancers             are radiant with Beauty and the     

  Energy of Youth.            They are choreographically correct.                    This level of             excellence in Dance Sculpture has                          not been               achieved by any other artist.






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