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"I have tried to capture, those exquisite moments of perfection when  dancers and their music come together with great  choreography to produce timeless  inter-generational treasures of fine art  ...  The quest is to imbue each figure with an independent spirit, implied movements and capture the essence of dance in bronze because  I believe, that sculpture in the hands of a Master, should speak directly to the Soul of Man as do the most moving words of Shakespeare of the most tender notes of Mozart."








           "​What Degas Might Have Done"  by Peter Hastings Falk                      

"This essay proposes that if Degas is accepted as the Master  Painter of Dance,          specifically ballet,  then, The Undisputed Master Sculptor of Dance is                           Sterett-Gittings  Kelsey" ​​​

This quote is from an in-depth  comparative treatise on the  bronze sculptures of Degas, Kelsey and other Master Sculptors of Dance.   Peter Hastings Falk is the leading Fine Art Appraiser, Art Critic, Art Historian  and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of   and  and Who Was Who in American Art  (  His  treatise is posted in its entirety above.)  

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Bronze Dance and Ballet Sculpture

Roxbury Fine Art Gallery in Roxbury CT.


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